Thursday, March 21, 2013

just for now.

heeey. I know I haven't been on here in a long time. so I might as well tell you the update. I don't know if I mentioned my amazing boyfriend, Jacob Medina. we've been going out for over nine months, and those nine months were the best nine months of my life so far. we've promised each other forever, and we both intend on keeping that promise until the day that we'll be sent nine feet under.

I have also moved to Murfreesboro tn along with my family. not really my thing, but its nice. i finally have my own bedroom so cant complain about that.

now i am constantly looking for a career but in the mean time i am reading and writing. its what i love. i don't know exactly what i want for my future, as to my career. but i know i want it to be something with English. whether an English professor. an author. a journalist. or even a critic.

while all of this is going on i am trying to lose weight so when my loving boyfriend comes out to visit me in June, Id feel much better. also so i don't have a tummy in the pictures we will take. so exercise exercise and exercise.

anyways my laundry just went off so i too am off to go fold..yaayy (sarcastic)

hope your life is as amazing as mine <3 p=""> 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hello Again

heeeyy everyone:) ohkay so i know i havent been on here for like the longest time, which is really sad for me, because i love to write.

 Anyways my family is moving to tennnessee within the next few weeks and I dont know whether to be excited or sad. I dont want to leave behind my most amazing boyfriend, Jacob, but at the same time I wanna see what Tennessee is like. And I've been trying to get a job to earn some money so i can save up for an apartment you know, but my work Aeropostale isn't giving me any shifts! and on top of that I'm not getting any replys to the places I've applied to.): So I guess my main fear is that I wont be able to come back to CA within the next six months or so and I know that me and my boyfriends love is strong, but its going to be weird not to see him four or three days a week. ):

The one thing I'm looking forward to if all else fails, is my room, not sharing it with my sister! yaaayy!:) I want to go to college, but the colleges there has a strange system.:O you have to pay by the hour, not by the credit?? Anywaayyys I am gonna go look up colleges :) Happy holidays everyone:)

Saturday, March 31, 2012

just some thinking

so i know i havent been the most perfect christian lately. but while i was doing meh civics homework i got this sudden urge to pray to God. then i got the urge to read the bible, which im still meaning to do. i guess im writing this for myself. even though i dont get these amazing messages to tell meh to go do these things, like go on belieze, which would be my dream and would change my life. i know im still getting messages. i just have to listen. like changing how i am, and not judging, and yelling or screaming, or cursing, and no more lust. i am going to be a chosen child of God. the more i think about this, the more i wanna cry, but the more it makes meh happy. i wanna cry because i know my weakenesses all too well. and He does too, and i know i have done so many horrible things in my life that i am not fond of, at all. but it makes meh happy because i know when i pray to Him, its like all of a sudden i can finally tell him everything. and then He's there, right next to meh, i can feel it. i am going to change for the better, for meh, for meh family, and for my God. I wanna go to belize so badly. and i know i can raise money by July. its a 1500 dollars. but i think if god wants meh to go, He'll be there helping meh(:

Saturday, February 25, 2012

so manyy...

everywhere i look i find meaning.
like a good writer would. but can i really call myself a good writer? i have all of these ideas for these books that in my mind will come out amazing. but everytime i start it, i cant finsh it...sometimes its cuhz im not inspired, or i forget. or i start on another book. well ima start again on meh book stuck in the inbetween. my only concern is that i cant find a publisher...when i was little i always had this idea that when i would go out to a bookstore, id find my name everywhere. just didnt know it was gonna be this hard...

Friday, January 27, 2012

writing is my passion♥

so ever since i was five years old, i wanted and loved to write. i remember writing this little, well book kinda thing, about how i am a princess.(X now i was five sooo no judging!:)

& then around 8 or 9 i wrote zoieys slumber partyy
then 10-14 was all about poems
and nowwww i have sooo many different ideas for a storry but 1. im not brilliant at writing. & 2. i cant concetrate. & 3. idk if its an amazing idea or not.

soooooooooooooooooooooooo i researched a little. & i mostly just have to practice writing, and read...ALOT!:) i even checked out a book from the library(:< so far so good!

but i really want my career in writing. writing anything and everything!!

ill post my different story ideas later and u can tell meh which one is better(:<

Sunday, November 6, 2011

it's a new day!!:)

ohkay ohkay. so winter formal is coming up in feb. feb 3rd or thee 4th. & i REALLLYY wanna be meh goal weight: 133 pds.& i have figured out how to do that..
the first 4 weeks: lose 3pds per week!
then the 5-8th week lose 4 pds per week!
then finally the last 5 weeks lose 3 pounds per week!!
& that shud be good. give or take a few pounds:)

i reallllyy wanna get a SMALL dress size this year
im tired of being a L or a XL:((
so here i gooo!!! for winter formal & mehself!! <3

Sunday, October 2, 2011

today is the day:)))

so a little recap of meh week:)
1. got nominated homecoming princess
2. went to six flags.
3. retaking econ test on thurs

so i guess now that  i got nominated homecoming princess. i have to be SUPERsocial..which shouldnt be toooo hard(X
wish meh luck!!:)
theyre gonna dress meh up tomorrow at school(X
then last nite i went to six flags with meh bf <3 and his family:)
got home around 2am:)
& im supppperr excited for homecoming dance on saturday! super hero theme!!!! wonderwomen??? i think so!:)