Monday, November 26, 2012

Hello Again

heeeyy everyone:) ohkay so i know i havent been on here for like the longest time, which is really sad for me, because i love to write.

 Anyways my family is moving to tennnessee within the next few weeks and I dont know whether to be excited or sad. I dont want to leave behind my most amazing boyfriend, Jacob, but at the same time I wanna see what Tennessee is like. And I've been trying to get a job to earn some money so i can save up for an apartment you know, but my work Aeropostale isn't giving me any shifts! and on top of that I'm not getting any replys to the places I've applied to.): So I guess my main fear is that I wont be able to come back to CA within the next six months or so and I know that me and my boyfriends love is strong, but its going to be weird not to see him four or three days a week. ):

The one thing I'm looking forward to if all else fails, is my room, not sharing it with my sister! yaaayy!:) I want to go to college, but the colleges there has a strange system.:O you have to pay by the hour, not by the credit?? Anywaayyys I am gonna go look up colleges :) Happy holidays everyone:)