Tuesday, August 2, 2011

dieting: day one(:

so as i member i promised meh self this summer wud be all about losing weight..but of course something always got in the way...well now its august n i have a lil over one month to lose 20-25 pounds..i know it might sound unhealthy, but im still gonna eat and everything i juss need to cut back seriously.. hhah.& of course the exercise which now since i have very lil time.. i need to step up the game. hopefully i can stay dedicated n lose the weight(: & i also hope i can complete meh check list everyday n post on here..juss to encourage other ppl things can be done, as long as u stay dedicated...ill make shure to post a pix of my full body every week so i can stay dedicated... heres meh check list for today(:

1. walk/jog 8 laps.
2. do a total of 100 sit ups
3. do total of 25 push ups
4. 3 glasses of water
5. jump rope for total of 15 min
6. leg of 6 sets five times each
7. 5 fruits and veggies
8. crunches: 20 on each leg and middle

ill come back tonight to post what has gotten done(: