Sunday, October 31, 2010

proud to be a Britte

this is meh...

i AM a writer..
im not like taylor swift who only writes about love..
i write about happiness, tragic, friends, family, all that great stuff..

i was actually thinking bout writing a story where this girl &&her sister was seperated from her family at 12 years old..and now that she is 18, she's going on a journey to find her brother && unite with her family.
thee reason why they seperated was bcuhz her brother, now "dead" <--notice meh quoting..the brother
was in a gang, andd dre, the brother, was getting chased from thee other gang, and the other gang found her sister&& put thee intials of K.B. in her stomach.
the dad heard on thee news that there was shooting nearby, so he went to go check in Kaci (the main character and daughter) room to find out that shes gone (bcuhz she didnt want her brother to get hurt.) and thee dad goes lookng for thee daughter and son and thee dad killed the gang members so the B on kacis stomach was not all the way finished..the dad went to jail and the brother went missing and kaci went to an orpahanage.
sad..but it will have a happy ending.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

meh oh so fabolous life(:

so after the tears and madness..i guess this rollercoaster i call meh life gets better.
ups are for now..and i noe that there'll be downs in thee nearby or future..but thee most important thing to do when there is to remember thee good times. and always get back up(:
at meh fwends house, nicole. we watched a movie called "the karate kid" and it was actually REALLY inspiring. the main part that i loved thee most was when dre (the kid) said "im trying to get back up..why wont u help meh?" after he broke his leg. and he still wanted to fight again.
so this past week-month i have been hanging with this fwend of mine named nicole(:
&& we have alot in common(:
thennn friday she slept went to fair. and movies(: theennn tomorrow off to thee workout house. harahar. i have been eating so much junkkkk): hopefullyyy this week will be meh dedicated week. 2 hours of homework on monday-thursday and thenn 2hrs writing in journal and just hanging(:
i guess i havent really realized how much meh parents do for meh...&& i think now that im getting to that year of maturity<--hahaha i finally respect meh parents(: soo meh quote of the week is
the first step to keeping a goal is saying "i can do it..and think about how yooh can. next and final step is to DO ITTT♥ so here are 3 main goals of mine for this week

1. lose 2 pounds
2. thank meh parents for everything..even the little things.
3, stay dedicated to h.w. MEANING TWO HOURS A DAY
hahaha and for this junior {woohooo} i want to take at least 200 pix of meh and meh fwends..(:
boom boom POWWWW♥ hahha
that is just one of them(:

one last one ill post(: