Friday, April 1, 2011

fashion ♥

so lately ive been getting into fashion ♥
in fashion 2 class iam currently making a dress♥
so farrr,, not to great, but its not awful(: ♥
&& at home i am making meh own lil fashion book ♥
its mostly juss gonna be meh sketches. haha♥
& i have cut some pix out of magazines to get some inspiation ♥
ill try and post some pictures of meh sketches after i am done ♥
i thinkk i have a plan >:) ♥

1. enter joanas contest for prom making dress

2. sketch a wonderful and beautiful dress

3. make thee dress

4. cross meh fingers ill win 2nd( 1st wud be nice>:))

5. take that money (50,000 for 1st & 5,000 for 2nd)
and use it to go to fidm

6. there ill start meh career and become a fashion designer(:

*hahhahahah..wish mehhh lucckkkk(: