Friday, August 6, 2010

Well HELLO there(:

this blog: family/life

if it is one thing i have learned from my family, it is that we do love and need each other. sometimes life gets difficult. and it seems to meh sometimes that theres no point in living it if yooh dont got something to live for. && for the first time in.....a while. im taking two steps back to get a full picture of my life so i can paint the rest. i am stressful. mad. and i get hurt easily. but my family puts up with it. thats why i ♥ them. i noe i dont say it and i noe i dont show it sometimes...okkk maybe a lot. but only because i thought you guys were...welllll mean. yooh dont let meh dye my hair certain colors, or get certain piercings, no staying out past 8pm, not going to l.v. with meh fwend. but now i realize something that i thought the complete oppisite of. i thought yooh were trying to complete this perfect image. something i could never be. but now i realize i was looking at the short run in life, and you guys were looking at the long run. piercings and crazy hair colors wont get meh a professional job. staying past 8pm, that wont get meh anywhere if i get kidnapped. my sister..well shes my inspiration. shes becoming an adult. a skinnier one. (; she has always gave meh advice and made me look at things of a different perspection..thats why shes such a great sister(; my daddy. hes tough around thee edges and soft in thee middle. strong to protect meh. so i wont get hurt. so i wont have to face things i dont have to. i wuvv yooh daddy..dont think i forgot bout yooh mom. u r...different from the rest of us. yooh have your moments when yooh get upset or avragated. but most of the time yooh are on my side. yooh try to let meh live meh life, but thee right way. thank yooh fam bam<3

S U M M E R 2010♥

so before i enter another year at PACIFICA highschool♥ as my JUNIOR YEAR♥ i have a wish list to mhm wats that word? over come? i dunno.
1. go to SEAL BEACH
2. go to BUENA PARK MALL and play the arcade andddd buffet♥
3. have a sleep over
4. lose at LEAST 20 pounds before school starts..<-- yooh think i can do it???
5. make a photo album with AT LEAST 100 PHOTOS FROM MEH SUMMER(;

so yea...exciting huh? (cough cough)
well so far i went over to meh fwend shreeya (CANNOT WAIT  UNTIL I GET TO SEE YOOH AGAIN!!!!!) we took pix with our fwends gina. nicole, shreeya, meh, and shreeyas lil sis(:
if i ever figure out how to work this website ill post them(:
i would add more to my wish list, but living in CA for 15 (ALMOST 16, YEEEEEPPP) theres not alot to do..