Thursday, March 21, 2013

just for now.

heeey. I know I haven't been on here in a long time. so I might as well tell you the update. I don't know if I mentioned my amazing boyfriend, Jacob Medina. we've been going out for over nine months, and those nine months were the best nine months of my life so far. we've promised each other forever, and we both intend on keeping that promise until the day that we'll be sent nine feet under.

I have also moved to Murfreesboro tn along with my family. not really my thing, but its nice. i finally have my own bedroom so cant complain about that.

now i am constantly looking for a career but in the mean time i am reading and writing. its what i love. i don't know exactly what i want for my future, as to my career. but i know i want it to be something with English. whether an English professor. an author. a journalist. or even a critic.

while all of this is going on i am trying to lose weight so when my loving boyfriend comes out to visit me in June, Id feel much better. also so i don't have a tummy in the pictures we will take. so exercise exercise and exercise.

anyways my laundry just went off so i too am off to go fold..yaayy (sarcastic)

hope your life is as amazing as mine <3 p="">