Friday, March 18, 2011

wow..this long, huh? 3/18/11

today was : alright
mood: sick
listening to : demi lovato: who will i be?

•my oh my how the week can go supirses meh. thursday was rosanas bday. tuesday was luis bday.
•since yesterday i've been sick. not the throwing up kind of sick. the sore throat and headache kind of sick.
•my anatomy teacher, Mrs. McGowan, is letting meh retake the test on monday.
try to guess what i'm going to be doing this weekend?
•prom is getting close .
tomorrow i shall start meh diet.
my equation?

1.5 hrs of exercising + healthy choice - junk food =loss of weight [fingers crossed]

juss got done watching burelsque..pretty good. i recommend it:)

[[juss living time to make regrets. only memories.]]