Sunday, November 6, 2011

it's a new day!!:)

ohkay ohkay. so winter formal is coming up in feb. feb 3rd or thee 4th. & i REALLLYY wanna be meh goal weight: 133 pds.& i have figured out how to do that..
the first 4 weeks: lose 3pds per week!
then the 5-8th week lose 4 pds per week!
then finally the last 5 weeks lose 3 pounds per week!!
& that shud be good. give or take a few pounds:)

i reallllyy wanna get a SMALL dress size this year
im tired of being a L or a XL:((
so here i gooo!!! for winter formal & mehself!! <3

Sunday, October 2, 2011

today is the day:)))

so a little recap of meh week:)
1. got nominated homecoming princess
2. went to six flags.
3. retaking econ test on thurs

so i guess now that  i got nominated homecoming princess. i have to be SUPERsocial..which shouldnt be toooo hard(X
wish meh luck!!:)
theyre gonna dress meh up tomorrow at school(X
then last nite i went to six flags with meh bf <3 and his family:)
got home around 2am:)
& im supppperr excited for homecoming dance on saturday! super hero theme!!!! wonderwomen??? i think so!:)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

dieting: day one(:

so as i member i promised meh self this summer wud be all about losing weight..but of course something always got in the way...well now its august n i have a lil over one month to lose 20-25 pounds..i know it might sound unhealthy, but im still gonna eat and everything i juss need to cut back seriously.. hhah.& of course the exercise which now since i have very lil time.. i need to step up the game. hopefully i can stay dedicated n lose the weight(: & i also hope i can complete meh check list everyday n post on here..juss to encourage other ppl things can be done, as long as u stay dedicated...ill make shure to post a pix of my full body every week so i can stay dedicated... heres meh check list for today(:

1. walk/jog 8 laps.
2. do a total of 100 sit ups
3. do total of 25 push ups
4. 3 glasses of water
5. jump rope for total of 15 min
6. leg of 6 sets five times each
7. 5 fruits and veggies
8. crunches: 20 on each leg and middle

ill come back tonight to post what has gotten done(:

Sunday, May 29, 2011

thinking thinking and more thinking

i guesss this is the time in my life where im confused on what to be?
i shure do hope so...cuhz thats where im at
bc i love fashion and im getting influenced by it
but i also love writing and literature
buttt at the same time ...history
siiiggh what to do what to do
soooooooo i guess i juss have to wait to see where
this path is taking meh?
down jennie road
until left at fashion
or right to literature?
orrrr maybe i can do both?
fashionita at day writer at nite?(:
gimme any advice or ideas? they wud be greatly appreciated>:)

Friday, April 1, 2011

fashion ♥

so lately ive been getting into fashion ♥
in fashion 2 class iam currently making a dress♥
so farrr,, not to great, but its not awful(: ♥
&& at home i am making meh own lil fashion book ♥
its mostly juss gonna be meh sketches. haha♥
& i have cut some pix out of magazines to get some inspiation ♥
ill try and post some pictures of meh sketches after i am done ♥
i thinkk i have a plan >:) ♥

1. enter joanas contest for prom making dress

2. sketch a wonderful and beautiful dress

3. make thee dress

4. cross meh fingers ill win 2nd( 1st wud be nice>:))

5. take that money (50,000 for 1st & 5,000 for 2nd)
and use it to go to fidm

6. there ill start meh career and become a fashion designer(:

*hahhahahah..wish mehhh lucckkkk(:

Friday, March 18, 2011

wow..this long, huh? 3/18/11

today was : alright
mood: sick
listening to : demi lovato: who will i be?

•my oh my how the week can go supirses meh. thursday was rosanas bday. tuesday was luis bday.
•since yesterday i've been sick. not the throwing up kind of sick. the sore throat and headache kind of sick.
•my anatomy teacher, Mrs. McGowan, is letting meh retake the test on monday.
try to guess what i'm going to be doing this weekend?
•prom is getting close .
tomorrow i shall start meh diet.
my equation?

1.5 hrs of exercising + healthy choice - junk food =loss of weight [fingers crossed]

juss got done watching burelsque..pretty good. i recommend it:)

[[juss living time to make regrets. only memories.]]